Are You A Homeschooler Looking For A 

Partner In Your Child's Education?

Begining Fall 2014…

Our Creative Community School is an extension of our Homeschool & Montessori-Based Learning Programs

Registration now open!

Creative Community School

We offer a warm, nurturing environment for grades K-8 where children can explore and learn while building self confidence.

Students will work at their own pace, using manipulatives and other Montessori materials to enhance understanding and mastery of subject areas.

 The primary acedemic focus is on math and language arts, however, there is ample opportunity to work on science and social studies.

 We Have Pre-K Classes, Too!

In addition to the vast array of manipulatives, the Pre-K 3-4 class introduces children tot he numerous basic skills needed to be successful students.  They will have a daily routine including circle time where new lessons may be introduced.  Additionally, they will work on the fundamentals of math and reading, including number and letter recognition, countin, letter sounds, early reading skills and much more.  They will also focus on practical life skills using beads, scissors and other manipulatives that promote fine motor skills and increase ability in hand writing.

Our Elementary Program is Designed To Enhance What You're Already Doing

For the Elementary program (K-2 and 3-5) there is an emphasis on reading and writing, including daily journaling, monthly book reports and plenty of level appropriate materials to choose from in class.  Research and public speaking are also important and each child will have an assigned topic to present to the class each month.  

Additionally, we will be using Scott Foresman-Addison Wesley practice workbooks as a supplement to the math lessons presented. While traditional grading is not done, work will be turned in daily to be checked and returned to the student at the next class for corrections as needed.  To this end, students are allowed and encouraged to work together and assist each other as they work on daily tasks.

Let Us Partner With You

We welcome parent involvement and want to be a partner with you as you homeschool your child.  Communication is key to this relationship.  Updates on progress as well as general class information will be given on a regular basis.  Please feel free to ask questions, make suggestions and keep us informed of anything that will help us in working with your child.

General Information

Registration/Supply Fee of $150 

10:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m. Monday-Thursday

1 day- $1,150.00 year  $115.00 Month

2 day-  $2,050.00 year  $205.00 Month

3 day   $2,650.00 year  $265.00 Month

4 day   $2,950.00 year  $295.00 Month

10% Sibling discount

Early drop off 9:00-10:00  $5.00 a day
Art Class  (weekly) $40.00 a month

Creative Community School