Art Program

Art Program

Spark Your Creative Process and Higher Intellect!

My son started art classes a few months ago at spark and he loves it! He already has learned so much in just a short time. The teacher is amazing and the class is always exciting. – Spark parent

Express Yourself with Spark! Art

Art classArt Activates Your Critical Creativity

See old problems in new ways! Art activates the creative part of the brain and trains you to think differently.

Art Stirs Your Imagination

Feel alive as you see your imagination come to life! You’ll be thrilled to see uncover the creative mystery your imagination has in store through art.

Art is Fun!

Laugh and learn as you journey through the world of art
together with friends. Create new memories that you can take home!


Art Program Schedule and Pricing

Wednesday and Friday,  4:00pm – 5:00pm

$15 per hour

$12 per hour (homeschoolers)

Free (after schoolers)

Private lessons (by appointment only)

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