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Our mission at Spark is to provide a comprehensive and flexible set of classes and services to homeschool families. Our exceptional classes meet the specific needs of the Florida homeschooler, taught by qualified teachers in a caring and safe environment.

We also offer a growing Montessori-Based Learning curriculum for families looking for more hands on educational exploration.

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Whether you are a first-time homeschooler with many questions or an experienced homeschool parent seeking a different curriculum, Spark has a friendly and adaptive community passionate about children's education since 2008. You will immediately join Spark's One Stop (SOS) Homeschool Connection.

Live and Learn with Flexibility

One of the signature traits of the Spark! Homeschool Program is our ability to adapt to the community's needs. Families may request new classes through our teacher network if not currently offered and contribute to the curriculum to become more involved. Childcare is also available.

Get Excited with Experienced Spark Educators

Enjoy interacting with experienced and qualified lead teachers including Ms. Denise Archilla (science and Montessori Integrated), Ms. Fabiola Hansen (art), Ms. Lisa Narva (language arts and math) and their teaching assistants.

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Get True Hands On Experience with Montessori-Based Learning!

Montessori-Based Learning at Spark EnrichmentSpark! Enrichment Center offers Montessori-based classes for preschool and grades 1st – 6th. For Learning Schedule and Pricing, go here.

Montessori-based learning includes a variety of hands on activities to enhance and inspire your child’s educational exploration. Primary areas of concentration include math, language arts and practical life.

Studies show that the earlier children are introduced to math, the easier it is for them to understand and connect  math concepts and facts. Children use concrete materials – such as blocks, beads, and tiles – as they learn. Language Arts includes learning the letter sounds before learning their names, as phonetics is used as a foundation for reading.  Basic skills such as handwriting, cutting, sorting, pouring, pin-pushing, geometrical solid recognition and more are also introduced and practiced with an emphasis on promoting self-confidence and independence. Children are allowed and encouraged to move around and work at their own pace whether individually or in groups. As Maria Montessori said, “The hand is the chief teacher of the child.” 


Meet Spark Homeschool & Montessori-Based Learning Teacher Ms. Archilla!

Montessori Based Learning with Spark EnrichmentDenise Archilla earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Secondary Education from Auburn University in 1985 with a dual major in Biology and Health Education. After working in the school system for a few years, she earned an MSW from the University of Alabama in 1990. She worked as a social worker in pediatric medicine for many years, earned her LCSW, and provided individual counseling for children and families as well. Having entered her two children into the Montessori educational system as preschoolers and working as a classroom volunteer for several years, she found a love for this particular methodology. In 2005, Ms. Archilla earned her Montessori 6-9 Certification through NAMC. She taught in a private Montessori school for a couple of years prior to opening Spark! with Marybeth Deleonardis. She developed the Integrated Montessori program at Spark! to enhance homeschool education which is now in it’s 5th year. She continues to tutor and teach classes including Creative Writing, IEW, and Science. She is very passionate about children’s education and believes that it is a teacher’s responsibility to teach how a child learns vs. expecting them to learn in a specific way or format of teaching. She finds great joy working with her students and seeing them excel.

Montessori-Based Learning Schedule and Tuition

Registration: $35
Tuesday  10am – 1pm
Thursday 10am – 1pm
Registration: $50
Monday   10am – 1:30pm
Tuesday  10am – 1:30pm
Thursday 10am – 1:30pm
Middle School (6th grade)
Registration: $50
Monday   10am – 1:30pm
Tuesday  10am – 1:30pm
Thursday 10am – 1:30pm

Up to three classes per week are available at an affordable monthly tuition cost. Homeschool classes may have a small material fee or supply list.

A Message from Ms. Archilla

The Spark! Integrated Montessori Program offers a warm, nurturing environment for grades 1  through 6 where children can explore and learn while building self confidence. Students will work at their own pace, using manipulatives and Montessori materials to enhance understanding and mastery of subject areas. The primary academic focus is on math and language arts, however there is ample opportunity to work on science and social studies. There is an emphasis on reading and writing, including daily journaling, monthly book reports, and plenty of level appropriate material to choose from in class. Research and public speaking are also important and each child will have an assigned topic to present to the class each month. Additionally, we will be using Scott Foresman-Addison Wesley practice workbooks as a supplement to the math lessons presented. While traditional grading is not done, work will be turned in daily to be checked and returned to the student at the next class for corrections as needed. Respect and trust are vital in small groups, as is learning to work together. To this end, students are allowed and encouraged to work together and assist each other as they work on daily tasks. I can't wait to see all of you in class soon!

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