Tutoring and Test Prep Program

Tutoring and Test Prep Programs

Receive customized help from highly qualified tutors!

Take advantage of the best tutoring East Orlando has available. Here at Spark! we offer all levels of tutoring with multiple, highly qualified tutors.

tutoringSolid Help for Tests or Projects

Spark helps students prepare for a test, project, or simply guides students in the right direction to remain on the same page as their class.

Growth in Performance and Educational Career

Spark tutoring is based on the student’s needs and will lead to better performance in school and daily work as well as tests. However, in addition to better performance, Spark tutors build the students’ skills for continual growth in their educational career. From experience we understand that some students will need the extra help often and throughout their schooling. Our tutoring program grows with the student and is designed to meet their changing needs!


Private Tutoring

If you tutor two or more times a week there is a $5.00 discount per 60 minute session.

Grades K-8th (full)$35per 60 mins
Grades K-8th (half)$20per 30 mins
Grades 9-12th$40per 60 mins
College Level$45per 60 mins
ASP Kids $20per 30 mins

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Payment Policy:  Sessions must be cancelled at least 24 hours in advance, via phone or e-mail. $20 cancellation fee for 60-minute sessions; $10 cancellation fee for 30-minute sessions.