Spark! Reviews

Spark! Reviews

Hear what Sparklers of all ages and sizes have to say about Spark!

We have been attending Spark Family Enrichment Center for 6 years now.  We started out attending a monthly cooking class through my playdate group. As my three kids grew, we started on with music lessons and a diverse selection of enrichment classes. I have never seen Denise, nor Marybeth greet anyone with anything other than a smile. They welcome everyone like family as 'community' is the core to Spark.  As a homeschooling mom, I have always appreciated the flexibility that Spark offers to parents trying to juggle with this or that. I also cannot say enough about their Montessori program. My youngest two are in Ms. Denise's class. Always love to hear their stories on the drive home. Never a 'bad day' when we're at Spark!  -Angie Kids in spark
They offer great classes for home schooled or after school care. This is not a daycare, they actually have top level teachers teaching classes. Spark is a wonderful place for your learning child! – Mark
Kids say about spark
Thank you Spark! for providing our kids with such amazing experiences. We have enrolled our boys in multiple classes during our time with you. From Electricity camp, Anthropology camp, Math in Motion, Montessori, Aerospace class, Art…it would be impossible for the boys to choose their favorite. The classes are top notch, the teachers are fantastic. Spark! is truly a wonderful program that provides a much needed service to homeschoolers in this area. We have truly loved having Spark! in our lives. We have met some fantastic people, taken awesome classes and made life-long friends. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for providing such a nurturing and caring environment for our children. We truly appreciate all you do and e are so thankful to have found you!  -Brandy 

We love Spark!  The staff is friendly and caring and make you feel like you and your child are part of a big family.  Love the opportunities for enriching your child's education with the classes they offer.  Love the smaller child-care and educational setting.  – Karen


My daughter is in the aftercare program and absolutely loves it there.  The classes are fun and educational.  The staff is caring and wonderful as well.  Deborah
Kids feedback about spark

My kids have taken many classes, camps and music lessons at SPARK over the years, and our experience has always been exceptional! They offer very unique, innovative classes, and their teachers are wonderful. As a homeschooling parent, I appreciate having a safe, creative environment for my kids to go to supplement our at-home learning. Not just for homeschoolers, SPARK offers great after school and weekend classes, music/voice lessons and camps.  – Jessica


We are so thankful to have Spark to help us on our homeschooling journey. My kids love their time in Art, Aerospace, Science, and Spanish. We're looking forward to adding more classes to the mix this new school year. You don't have to be a homeschooler to reap the benefits of Spark, though. They offer a great after-school program, tutoring, music lessons, parents' night out, birthday parties, summer camp, etc. We have attended all but one week of summer camp this year (because of travel plans). My kids are also taking guitar and drum lessons with an outstanding instructor. Thanks to Marybeth and Denise for enriching our lives!  -Tiffany

We LOVE Spark!  We homeschool and sent our son to Spark for several classes  Science, Rockets, Montessori, and more.  The owners are so down-to-Earth, educated, flexible and professional.  The teachers are so good with the kids and Spark  class prices are great too! I even took an Art class on a Friday night and plan to go again. We can't get enough.  -Rene



We love Spark!  Spark is very cost effective, provides comprehensive classes and has a friendly atmosphere.  My kids can't get enough. -Jeannette

My daughter was tutored in math at Spark, and it helped tremedously. She is now self-sufficient in most of her math, and her confidence level in math has increased. It may never be her favorite thing, but she knows she can tackle most of her math.  Pam B
Spark! has been a life-saver for me. As a working single mother, I appreciate the flexibility they provide with their after-school program. The owners are great, everything that happens here is truly infused with their love of children and learning. The staff is friendly and caring. The enrichment classes are wonderful. My daughter really enjoys coming here!  – A grateful mom My daughter is looking forward to summer camp at Spark! She adores everyone who works there and we are thankful for Spark for after school time as well as summer fun!  -Nikki
Kids feedback We love SPARK! The quality of the people who work at SPARK is their greatest asset. The owners are truly dedicated and passionate. Mary Beth truly cares for every child that comes through her doors. Denise is a true educator who is invested in the education and progress of the children she teaches or tutors. The place offers a wide variety of programs both academic and for fun as well as tutoring for many subjects for any age. The environment is friendly and fun. Last but not least are the sofas in the waiting area. Good for a good chat or snooze while you wait for the kids 🙂 – Gia
We love Spark! They have a great, friendly, and caring staff that makes you feel like family when you walk in the door. The classes are fun, my daughter even thought her Algebra class last year was fun. You know they are good when they can have a fun math class.- Spark parent  Love Love Love Spark. It is an amazing aftercare program for our daughter. She takes classes and has amazing teachers. She is thrilled to be there and so are we. – a grateful parent
If you like to learn new things, Spark is the place for you! We have been utilizing Spark since they opened and cannot recommend them highly enough. My daughter loves their Spanish, sign language, music and art classes. I love the free wifi and workspace where I can plug in and work knowing that my child is in a clean, safe and nurturing environment. From music and cooking classes to amazing summer camps, we've experienced it all and loved every minute of it. Rocket Club is another big plus! The staff is attentive and engaging and the owner are fabulous.  – Spark parent spark kids
we love spark!