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Spark! Creative Community School

Are You A Homeschooler Looking For
A Partner In Your Child's Education?

SCCS registration has limited spots available.

As a homeschooling family, we find Spark Family Enrichment to be an amazing community resource. My daughters are able to get away from the every day routine by having music lessons, spanish, and writing! They offer wonderful oppurtunities for your children to explore a wide variety of subjects, that expand their future horizons! I love that the Spark Team is always making sure you are satisfied and more importantly that the kids are having the best experience possible! We are so excited to be part of Spark! – Alice

homeschoolSpark! provides individualized, Montessori-inspired, educational and enrichment programs for students ranging in age from as young as preschool children to adults, and caters to homeschool, music, art and after school students. Parents and students now have a place with a full range of activities for the mind as well as the body and spirit.  

Started by parents for parents, Spark! has always offered our community a creative and collaborative educational alternative that encourage well-rounded, lifelong learners.  From that, the Spark! Creative Community School!™  was developed to partner with and support homeschooling parents by offering flexible,  hands-on, meaningful, project-based instruction in science, reading, writing, mathematics, art and history.  Spark! students have increased interaction with our certified teachers because of small class sizes, and because the learning is experiential and project based, students not only enhance understanding and mastery of subject areas, but practice life-management skills such as teamwork, conflict negotiation, self-confidence, public speaking and time management.  Offering programs that enrich, instruct, and provide a social outlet for homeschooled children, the Spark! Creative Community School!™  partners with you as you homeschool your child, offering flexibility of days and personalized education plans.  Every family is treated individually based on their need, and we're excited to support you in meeting your child's educational goals. Registration is ongoing for fall, but space is limited.

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We Have Pre-K Classes, Too!

In addition to the vast array of manipulatives, the Pre-K 3-4 class introduces children tot he numerous basic skills needed to be successful students.  They will have a daily routine including circle time where new lessons may be introduced.  Additionally, they will work on the fundamentals of math and reading, including number and letter recognition, countin, letter sounds, early reading skills and much more.  They will also focus on practical life skills using beads, scissors and other manipulatives that promote fine motor skills and increase ability in hand writing.

Our Elementary Program is Designed To Enhance What You're Already Doing

Montessori Based LearningFor the Elementary program (K-2 and 3-5) there is an emphasis on reading and writing, including daily journaling, monthly book reports and plenty of level appropriate materials to choose from in class.  Research and public speaking are also important and each child will have an assigned topic to present to the class each month.  

Additionally, we will be using Scott Foresman-Addison Wesley practice workbooks as a supplement to the math lessons presented. While traditional grading is not done, work will be turned in daily to be checked and returned to the student at the next class for corrections as needed.  To this end, students are allowed and encouraged to work together and assist each other as they work on daily tasks.

Meet the Spark! Creative Community School Teachers

Mrs. Moy came to Spark! with a plethora of both traditional and homeschooling experience. She received her Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from Pace University in New York. She is NTE Certified Teacher Grades K-8, has been a Homeschool Mom and Teacher for 10 years, and was a Homeschool Cooperative Teacher at Willow Creek Homeschool for 9 years. She will be leading the Elementary Program for Spark! Creative Community School.

Mrs. Moy has a wealth of experience homeschooling not only her son who is entering tenth grade, but also teaching many students in the Central Florida Community. She has experience teaching in both Seminole and Lake County, including Grade 2/3 Multiage teacher at Midway Elementary in Sanford, FL and Grade 5 teacher at Minneola Elementary for 2 years in Clermont, FL (ESOL Certified).  Mrs. Moy balances creativity with her experience as a curriculum creator for a plethora of classes including Mass Media, Journalism, Hands on Science, Ancient Civilizations, Star Wars Language Arts, Webkinz Cross Curricular Club, Commercials and Advertising, Psychology and Creative Writing with Poetry. She has also been recognized for her teaching: as a Disney Teacheriffic Nominee for Multicultural Program and Winner of Sallie Mae Outstanding Teacher Nomination for Minneola Elementary. She was also Homeschooling Editor at BellaOnline for 5 years and the Preschool Editor at BellaOnline for 4 years.

Ms. Anderson is a perfect fit for SCCS! With Kim your kiddos are in the best of hands and her knowledge and experience is a recipe for pure success!

Ms. Anderson moved from St. Louis, Missouri in August 2013 with her husband and two girls ages 9 and 7. They live in Oviedo and Kim is active in Girl Scouts, PTA, soccer and her community. Kim was a middle and high school teacher for 13 years before staying home to raise her children. She is certified in Spanish grades K-12 and English grades 6-12  from the University of Missouri, Columbia. In addition, she received her Master’s degree in Education from Webster University. She is also a NCLB Highly Qualified teacher.  Kim loves being the Spirit chair on the Evans elementary PTA board this year and volunteers with her 2nd and 4th grade children’s classes. In addition to teaching in a traditional middle and high school, Kim also has teaching experience in an alternative school in St. Louis. Kim has been recognized for her creative approach to teaching using games and music to help her students learn. She enjoys finding innovative and expressive ways to help students explore every subject and enjoy great educational experience!

Mrs. Moy and Ms. Anderson and look forward to partnering with parents in educating their children through the Spark! Creative Community School(TM).

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Let Us Partner With You

We welcome parent involvement and want to be a partner with you as you homeschool your child.  Communication is key to this relationship.  Updates on progress as well as general class information will be given on a regular basis.  Please feel free to ask questions, make suggestions and keep us informed of anything that will help us in working with your child.

Spark! Creative Community School Schedule and Tuition

Spark! Creative Community School offers up to four classes a week for Elementary and Middle School level students and up to two classes for Preschool level students. Have brothers and sisters who want to join in on creative learning? Spark! offers a 10% Sibling Discount so the whole family may be involved.

Registration/Supply Fee of $150
10:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m. Monday-Thursday
1 day- $993.60 year  $115.00 Month
2 day-  $1,771.20 year  $205.00 Month
3 day   $2289.60 year  $265.00 Month
4 day   $2548.80 year  $295.00 Month
*Early drop off 9:00-10:00  $5.00 a day
**Art Class  (weekly) $40.00 a month


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